Students applying through approved KITE agents will receive correspondence through the agent.
An "international student" is a foreign student from any other nation except New Zealand and Australia, who holds or will hold a student visa to study at KITE.

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Section 1: Applicant Details

• All details to be filled as shown in "PASSPORT"

• Registered student or combo courses please click HERE

Please upload a photo of the applicant( Photo requirement) or If your computer has a camera, you can Take a Photo
Permanent Address (Home country):
Are you currently in New Zealand?

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Section 2: Education Details

• All details of 2 Latest Education details.
• Please attach necessary evidence.
• Please attach additional documents if required.

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Section 3: Employment Details

• Provide details of any work experience that is relevant to the course you are applying.
• Proofs of work experience need to be submitted.
• Please attach additional documents if required.

Do you have any work experience?

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Section 4: Language and Course

• Detailed information on course is provided in the course prospectus.
• Intake is on "First come First serve" basis.
• cross-credit applications MUST be submitted before final confirmation of place is issued by filling in the official KITE cross-credit application from

Which Campus:
Language in which primary education (school) is pursued?
English Test:

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Section 5: Services Required

• It is a condition of enrolment that student should have travel/medical insurance for the period of study and you should have appropriate travel insurance from the time you leave home to New Zealand.
• Medical insurance can be arranged by KITE charges vary on items covered please see Orbit or Southern Cross supplied for details.
• In addition to tuition fees charges are applicable for accommodation and airport pickup.(Details provided in your (Student Handbook)
• All your medical conditions or disabilities will be treated as strictly confidential and these will not influence the outcome of your application.
• It’s mandatory to have travel and medical insurance for the period of your study.

Do you want KITE to arrange your travel/medical insurance?
Insurance expiration date:
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Students with special requirements

• If you have a disability or any medical condition KITE will provide you assistance, please detail your specific needs in a separate sheet and attach with this application.
• All details provided by you will remain strictly confidential and this will not affect your application outcome.
• If you do not want to write the special requirement details here you can email to Student Services with your details and requirements confidentially to

Would you like KITE to provide assistance in booking accommodation for you?

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Section 6: Application Checklist

• All information provided by you should be in English or documents translated into English should be provided.
• When submitting copies either the agent should certify the copies or they should be notary attested.
• Discuss with us if you need some time to provide any of the documentation.
• KITE reserves the right to ask for original copies of the documents submitted at any time.
• Please read the "Student Handbook" carefully to understand all policies and procedures of "Kiwi Institute of Training and Education (KITE) Limited".

Please provide the following with your application:

Emergency Contact Details:
Tell us about your schooling or any tertiary study you have done
What is your intended career and how chosen qualification will help you in your future career plans?
If there is a gap between your studies, please explain what you have been doing during this period.

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Section 7: Last Section

How did you hear about us?
Do you agree this Refund Policy?
Course Length Policy
Courses three months or more • If the student withdraws from the course before the end of the tenth working day from the course start date* no less than 75% of the total fees will be refunded.
• No refunds will be issued 10 working days after the course start date however an application can be made to the "Marketing /Finance Director" for consideration, a refund may be issued on discretion of the management.

The course start date is the date specified on the student offer letter. If the student cannot attend on the course start date, an application in writing should be made 7 days prior to the designated start date for a deferred course starting date. If the application is approved a new course start date will be issued in writing. If the student does not apply for a deferred course start date at least seven days before the course start date, it is assumed and accepted that the date on the offer letter is the course start date and it will be applicable for all refund requests.